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The most important aspects when choosing a trade fair event

 Face-to-face marketing is more important than ever. Because consumers expect a personal relationship with the brand, they want to trust it. But finding exactly the right trade fair for this purpose can sometimes be challenging. Because of many events, selecting a suitable occasion for your exhibition stand design that your target group agrees with can be problematic.

We've put together some simple and easy-to-follow best practices for choosing the suitable event for your booth build. People from around the world participating in the exhibition stand Dubai.

Trade fairs are the most critical marketing tools for appropriate face-to-face communication. Consumers increasingly expect direct contact with a company to build trust. For the company, however, it is becoming more and more challenging to choose the right trade fair from the wide range of offers that has the desired target group relevance. Because the development of the exhibition stand design is a significant investment and must also appeal to the preferred target group, below you will find some interesting suggestions as to the criteria you should use to select the suitable trade fair events for your trade fair stand construction.


First, you must start researching the possible options for the year ahead. Make a list of trade shows that might be an option and ask your stand builder if necessary, such as what the cost of an international one booth construction could look like. But also pay attention to events that may not fit your company 100 percent but could be relevant, for example, with mobile booth exhibit there to keep costs as low as possible. A confectionery manufacturer can certainly exhibit at a gastronomy exhibition to network there. After all, the two sectors are closely connected and could fit your fair trade goals. Perhaps you should consider buying a suitable trade stand for such an appearance. Once you have filtered the results, you should carefully consider which trade fairs match your trade fair goals and which can be perfectly integrated into your trade fair stand design. Choose Shaz Tech your exhibition stand contractors in Dubai.


Over time, two different trade fair formats have emerged: trade fairs and public fairs. Although both forms address other target groups, they still require trade fair construction designs that inspire the audience and win them over to the brand. Participation in consumer fairs offers the opportunity to raise customer awareness of products and services. So if you want to present new products or services, you should urgently invest in participating in such an event with an eye-catching exhibition stand design.

Trade fairs, on the other hand, are actual industry events. They offer the best opportunities to expand your network and collect industry news actively. Fascinating exhibition stands ideasattract a lot of visitors to your booth and provides the basis for concluding contracts. Whether you buy a booth or use a mobile exhibition stand is irrelevant. 


Ask yourself whether you can afford to exhibit in both formats with your trade fair stand construction to achieve your appropriate trade goals. Analyze the results of last year's event to get a comprehensive picture. And what reputation has the trade fair gained in the industry? Many trade fairs reflect on decades of tradition and are often the target of the primary industry players. Other trade fairs are much younger but provide optimal opportunities to deal directly with customers.

Above all, however, it is essential to determine what purchasing power the fair trade visitors have. Present purchasing power is the most crucial criterion for expanding your market share. And if you want to play with the big boys, you should choose a trade show where the top competitors have gathered. Demonstrate your claims with confidence. 


Different events have different costs. Urgently research cost items: stand space rental, travel expenses, stand requirements and fees, staff costs, and local taxes and union rates. Choosing a suitable event can have a significant impact on profitability. 

The most important aspects when choosing a trade fair event

 Face-to-face marketing is more important than ever. Because consumers expect a personal relationship with the brand, they want to trust it....